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Working for the local paper, I got reaaaally sick of using my camera, and I put it down…for a long time.  It just felt like a chore, and I hated that.  I love photography, but when it started to feel like a job all the time, I got burned out.

I did pick it up here and there, but for the most part started using my iPhone for pics and videos.

While those pictures are great and it was convenient, I really started to miss always having my good camera nearby to capture some of the every day moments with my family.

I recently took all my photo equipment in for a good cleaning and tune up, and they are working brilliantly again, so I have started shooting again and it feels oh so good.

But…boy am I rusty.

So, I have challenged myself to several things this summer in an effort to fine tune my photography and capture those last fleeting moments with my kids before the fly the nest.  I plan on doing a 365 day challenge, and also several day in the life posts for the summer months. I print each year of my blog out for my kids, so this is basically my journal of sorts.  There will also be selfies.  Oh yes, there will. My husband rarely picks up the camera, and I don’t want to be like Bigfoot in our family album one day.

On Facebook, I frequently see people post negative articles about selfies, calling it narcissistic and self centered.  I have to laugh at them because, it seems like it is okay to have someone else take the picture of you, but if you take one of yourself, you are labeled a narcissist.  They pose for pics with perfectly coiffed hair, makeup and clothes, but this isn’t self centered at all.  No. As long as you hand the camera to someone else, you are a beacon of selflessness.

I take selfies because I want my kids to have pictures of their mother, doing the things she loved.  They will have these after I am long gone.  I am usually sweating, my hair is soaking wet, or I am blue from the cold after a surf session.  Real life, that I hope will translate into my kids remembering their crazy mother for who she was…in love with life and living.



So selfie away folks, because you won’t get any grief or high horsed attitude from this woman.

One more iPhone pic for the road.

IMG_2829 (1)-2

We have some pretty cool adventures planned for the summer, so keep your eyes peeled.

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