Red snapper

A friend of ours took Quinn on a fishing trip Saturday night. It was on a fishing party boat, and they went out all night, offshore.  They each caught their limit of red snapper, and my son brought home the bacon for us to eat on Sunday evening.  This is one of the perks of having big boys.  They love to fish and they clean it themselves.  Hooyah!



Bill fried it up for us, using a mix of flour and cornmeal to dredge it in.


Get off that phone old man.



While Bill fried away, Mia and I made a pineapple upside down cake.  I picked my brain to remember if I have ever eaten this kind of cake before and the answer was a surprising “no”.  I am not sure how a person lives for 50 years and never has a bite of this yumminess cross their lips, but I remedied that.


Pretty easy skillet recipe found here.  I did half whole wheat, half white flour and did not use the nuts.  I also used half rice milk and half whole milk instead of buttermilk.  Next time I will use all rice milk. Almond would also be really yummy.  Have you noticed I hack recipes every time I find them online?  I honestly love to tweek things when it comes to cooking. I think next time I will try and use all whole wheat flour and see how it turns out. I also found dye free maraschino cherries at HEB. My oldest was allergic to some red dye, so this was a good find.  Oh, and be sure and reduce the butter that you add to the pan…the recipe calls for 2/3 cup. When I flipped the cake to the cake plate, there was too much liquid left over. It was probably a combo of too much butter and the fact I used fresh pinapple instead of canned.  I flipped it back into the pan, drained the excess butter off and added it back to the oven for 10 more minutes…then I tried again. Flip!  Perfect.  Also, let the cake sit and cool for a bit so the sugar/butter glaze on top gets firm.

My little helper.


After putting the cake in the oven, Mia came out with Roxy to visit with us because nothing says ‘cooking with clean hands” like a ratfink snuggle. I present to you proof that you can indeed kiss a porcupine.


The fish was so fresh and delicious.  We gobbled it up.


There are several layers of fish on that plate under those paper towels, and we ate all but one piece.  Superb.


A ways back I posted about some trailers that we have been considering.  Well, the Shasta finally came in and we passed on it.  Serious quality control issues and Bill said “I want to go camping and traveling with it.  I don’t want to spend my time off fixing their design flaws”. Well alrighty.  We also vetoed the other one and have decided to trade our 5th wheel in for a travel trailer that will fit all of us, including dogs.  The bottom line was that, I want this thing to hold up to travel in Baja and Mexico one day, and the little ones I was drooling over were both too little and not sturdy enough to handle that kind of abuse.  One of them didn’t even have enclosed tanks. Actually, the entire underbelly was exposed…wires, pipes, the whole nine yards. That would never work at the coast.

We are putting this off until sometime in late July, but it is looking like this will be The One…..unless something catches our eye in the meantime.  Ya never know with us. Yes, that is a fireplace.  My daughter about DIED when she saw this.  That is not why we are buying it, but it sure is kinda coolio.  The reasons we are buying are: bedroom has a door, dinette and couch make out into beds, tons of storage and the kitchen bar is uber cool and brings a “home” aspect to it.  And it is smallish but not too small.  And not too big. The Little House (5th wheel) was just a mammoth and we are ready to downsize.

Parting shots….how we plan to save on airfare this summer.



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