Checkers are boring

We wandered over to the island yesterday to spend the day with a friend, and afterwards did a little shopping, swam laps at the pool (Mia 500m, and 1000m for me), some skating and then grabbed a snow cone.


You can sit on picnic tables there and they have several games you can pull out to enjoy while cooling off with your beverage of choice.  They also have margaritas and beer. Only in Texas can you get a frozen marg at the snow cone stand.

I pulled out the checkers mat and asked Mia if she wanted to play.  She shrugged and looked doubtful.  I said “What? Do you not know how to play?” and she was silent.  Seriously?  How did this happen?  The child can play chess but does not know the rules of checkers?

Oh no, we were playing at that point.

We sat in the shade and it took all of 2 minutes to teach her the rules.


Half way through she was beating me….but…


…..after 30 minutes, we ended up in a draw.  She asked, “Does this game ever end? It is kind of boring. I think I am going to forfeit.”  LOL!

After over a week of flat Gulf conditions, the surf is finally going to be popping up starting today, so no more boring checkers for us.  In fact, there is supposed to be ground swell, which is big rolling waves generated by way offshore storms.  Groundswell is superior to wind swell because it is clean and big, as opposed to the choppy, sloppy stuff we usually get from the wind.

Parting shot….Mia came into the den the other morning and said “Okay Mom! I’m ready to shave!” I turned around and saw this.


I love summer and my kids being home.

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