A boy and his dog

One of the things that most bugs me about the kids growing up is the fact that they get to a stage where they will NOT allow photographs.  It drives me up the wall, and I swear sometimes I find myself superiorly pissed off as they put hands up, dodge under covers and run from the room.  There is a span of time in each of my boys lives where they are virtually absent from pictures that don’t involve a holiday.

I am not sure why I am so hell bent on photographing them if they don’t want to be, but honestly I feel like one day they will regret not having pics of themselves. Maybe not, but I know I sure will when I am sitting on my rocking chair thumbing through pictures absolutely devoid of my male children between the ages of 12-18.

Surprisingly, Quinn allowed me to take some pics of he and Skye the other evening. I had just wandered in with my camera, and asked him to pose with her and SHOCK AND AWE he did.  (Note to self: drag dog into all future photo attempts).

I give to you a rare glimpse of Malechildtresica quinncatus and his dog Skye.


Yes, he has indeed grown up before your very eyes.  He looks just like my father did at this age. It is uncanny.  We spent years wondering who this kid looked like, and then I saw a picture of my dad and it all came together.  I think he is so incredibly handsome.


His dog is pretty stunning too.


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