Tropical Storm Bill….Ooooh NOOOOOOO!!!

Texas was freaking out last week about a little storm called Bill.  People were cleaning out the shelves at the stores of all food and water, and there was much hand wringing and angst.

We went surfing.


Even the Minime got in on it.


We don’t poo poo off storms, but it was striking well north of us, and when they do that, we usually get some clean, beautiful waves.

We were not disappointed.

On Tuesday, as the wind clocked around to the north and the wind started blowing offshore, things got epic on the island.

Here is Little Bit on the one and only good wave she caught.  It was REALLY hard to drop into them, as the wind was pushing so hard offshore, blowing us out the back so we could not drop in.  It was tough for the adults and with Mia being so light and the smallest and youngest out there, she just could not drop in.  So glad my friend Kay, who was on the pier with my camera, got these shots.






I had a blast surfing on the north side, right next to the pier.  The waves were coming in over there about waist to head high and it was beyond fun.



I was thinking I might be able to get tucked into a little barrel here, but….


…it broke on me.





This is what a head high wave looks like. And that is on the inside sand bar in water about waist deep.  Sooooo fun!


Such a fun day and I am so glad we decided to go.


There are no pictures of Billy.  He got off work early, but when he came home decided he didn’t want to deal with the crowds.  I put my hand on my forehead in the shape of an L. Seriously.  That afternoon he looked outside and saw that the wind had died…..apparently when that happened it got even more epic if that is possible. Bill missed his namesake storm.  What????

He sure regretted not going when he saw this.

And yes, Mia and I gloated and just might have been hear saying “Oh man, you reaaaaaaallllly missed it”.

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