Hammock time

One of the things on my agenda while in Mexico this summer was to find some hammocks to bring home.

We have always had one hanging since we moved here, but have been without one since last summer. The puppy ate it.  She somehow climbed up into it and ate it from the inside out.  It was awesome.

Bill is a practical man and he would not invest in another one knowing that the dogs would tear it up again, so I have been hammockless for a year now.

In Mexico, the hunt was on!

After 15 days , searching for The One every time we went to town, I finally found two beautiful hammocks when we stopped at the bank on our way to the airport to leave. I ran to the market with only 5 minutes to shop and by luck found a shop with hammocks like I wanted.

With all the turmoil the last 5 weeks brought us, they sat, unused in the garage.

Two weeks ago I told Bill “Today, by God, is the day we were hanging one of the hammocks.”.   I decided since the dogs would for sure destroy it, we would put it in the front this time.

People, The Hammock has been hung.


Just a little tighter, slave.


Ahhhhhh! Coffee in the best spot ever.


I got a two person hammock again so that Bill and I can enjoy it when the kids are not around.




And then all hell broke loose.  Kids, dogs….


On school days though, after a run or surf, this is my quiet spot to nap, read or just think. Shaka babies.


In other news, I still fit in my wedding dress.  Yeah baby!


Oh, and yes, we did have back to school.  We had dinner, but it was at our local crab shack and I got zero pictures.  There was a long table loaded with crab, shrimp, snow crab legs, king crab, crawfish, corn, and potatoes…spicey as all get out.  Use your imagination.

And then Monday came and I tried to get a picture of the frown family.


I got one shot at it and then Quinn was like “You are done, woman!”


Halloween decorations are coming out in 2 weeks and I am so ready.  Looking forward to our little fall celebration and the month of October.

But first, I have some surfing to do and it is going to be epic!

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