Now it feels like fall, even if it is still 90 degrees.

I have been looking forward to September 30th all year. So much so that last week while I was in Mexico (yes, again) and on a burro trail through the mountains in a F150 pickup bypassing a protest, I was thinking how much I wanted to survive it so I could be there to ring in October with my family.  Yes way.  LOL!! More about that later.

Ever fall we spend an evening together as a family ringing in a month of Halloween fun to come.  Good food, a fun scary movie and time to be just us.


At Mia’s request, I made some chili and some chips in ghost and bat shapes.



For dessert during the movie we had Ghostly Vanilla Bean milkshakes.


Are these not too cute?  They were so good.


They were also very easy to make.  Put vanilla bean ice cream and milk in a blender and pour into glasses.  Whip up some heavy cream with some sugar and pipe on top via a pastry bag.  Add google eyes, and a sparkly crow your husband places strategically for optimum photo effect.


Then we got cozy and turned on The Ghost and Mr. Chicken. Such a fun, fun movie to enjoy.  Spooky, but funny too.


Happy October!! Bring on Mr. Skeleton and all the fun!


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