November and December had wings

We did not drop off the face of the earth.  Life has just been super busy with the holidays and then my computer crashed.  And then I got a new job.  Yes, a J.O.B. Oy!

More about the J.O.B. later.

For now, here are a few catch up photos.

Christmas stuff was out before Thanksgiving week.  This year I was good with that.  I had so much to do and it was nice go be able to start my shopping early and get a bit of it done.


We went and got our pagan Peppermint Frappes. Seriously people, the cups were muy bueno for Christmas cheer, so I have no clue why everyone was freaking the hell out over them.  Ho ho ho.


I actually got to go to Thanksgiving in Galveston this year instead of staying home with the dogs.  My 15yo volunteered to stay and babysit this year.  I brought him gravy, pie and brownies with his turkey. I do Thanksgiving take-out the right way.  (Take notes billy).

I love the trip there and back.  It is a long day but fun to be in the car with my family and talk, listen to music and be goofy.



We have had an outstanding fall early winter surf season so far.  Lots of big, clean waves every time a front comes through.  It has been epic and there has been much stoke in our surfing family here in the coastal bend.


Image by Jennifer Kidd of Marine Dreams and Island Adventures
Image by Jennifer Kidd, Marine Dreams and Island Adventures.
Image by Jennifer Kidd, Marine Dreams and Island Adventures.
Image by Jennifer Kidd, Marine Dreams and Island Adventures.

1st and 3rd at her home break! Yeeew!!


With surfing comes injury sometimes.  I took a board to my head and split the crown of my head open.  Mia came up to me as I got out of the water and said “Mom, why is your hair pink.  OMG that isn’t pink, its blood!” and ran to get a friend on the pier because my husband thought I was motioning to him that I was going in and didn’t get the whole “I NEED YOU I AM BLEEDING” yell across the waves memo.




You could see my skull and I got a concussion.  When the wind shoots your board up in the air and it comes down tail pin straight onto your head, things are going to be not so right.

It took about 5 days for the headache to go away, but I was back in the water about 9 days after it happened.  AND I scored waves!

Which brings us up to Christmas time.  I have no clue how I got up all the decorations amidst all the chaos, but somehow it was complete by December 1st.  AND!!  The first gift of Christmas arrived at our home.  Goodbye Big Red Couch.  Peeling leather, shark bites via Frankenpoopy, AKA Kona the Poopy Puppy,  led to its decline. In its place is the Dick Van Dyke.. retro baby!


Will finish catching up in the next few days.

I will leave you with parting shots of thrilled dogs at Christmas time.






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2 Responses to November and December had wings

  1. Jillbert says:

    Tell about the job! I just went back to work for the first time in 16 years. Several of my local mom friends are also returning to work. I’m only a few weeks in and it’s an adjustment. I would love to hear more about it because I feel slightly crazy that going back to work has been such a BIG DEAL when, really, my job is only part time and not anything majorly important or anything. So, cheers! to another mom dipping her toe back into the workforce!

    • Jody says:

      Good for you!! It is hard even part time. Huge adjustment and as much as I like my job, I miss my old life of just being a SAHM. But, with a kid in college, and 3 more following in no time, I am glad to have the income!

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