Christmas wrap up and beyond

Once upon a time, the little family by the coast had a quiet little Christmas that was intimate and precious.

It started December 1st with cupcakes and Christmas movies…


And on December 6th St. Nicholas came…




There were many Christmas treats to be baked and eaten..


and the flowers bloomed just in time.


Christmas Eve they decided to change things around for the first time in over a decade. Instead of celebrating the Italian Feast of the 7 Fishes, they made a Danish feast to honor their Grandfather, John Rasmussen and their Viking roots.  Crisp roast duck, red cabbage and Brunede Kartofler.


With Risalamande for dessert.


Santa Claus made his appearance in the wee hours of the nights.


And this scene, that has unfolded every Christmas morning for the last 21 years, was soaked up by the parents in their hearts and souls.


There was even a little something under the tree for the mom.  She was stoked.


We really had a great Christmas.  So much so that it was hard for me to post pics about it and share.  I think we stayed in our pajamas curled up on the couch most of the week watching The Office. Seriously.  It was just what we all needed.

12 days of Christmas are taken literally around here and on the 12th Night we had a little celebration like last years, but this time Bill was missing.


He had hopped on a plane to Costa Rica for a week to do this.

Photo 9999.6854-2

Photo 9999.6898-2

Photo 9999.6899-2

Photo 9999.6900-2

The anticipation of seeing him after 9 days was insanely delicious. I might have even texted him some (tastefully) revealing pics to his phone….which my daughter saw (because she combed through my texts to see what dad had to say) and said “Seriously mom? You guys are really weird.”

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