They grow.

I was scrolling through a friends old blog this morning and realizing how glad I am that so many of us took the time out of our lives to make notes and document the day to day life of having and raising our kiddos. Absolutely priceless memories, jotted down for our kids to read through one day. I consider it a gift.  One that I never really knew would be so in depth and full of details for them.

I have 2 kids that are done with high school, one that is finishing his freshman year of high school, and one in middle school. The Baby has turned 12 and that means we have a mere 6 years and our nest will be empty.


This is the Baby of And Baby Makes 6.


It is just not possible, right??  It is not fair how quickly it zoomed by.  I am conflicted with the fact that they are leaving so fast. I have absolutely TREASURED raising my kids and it is pretty much what defines me. Who will I be when I am no longer caring for a large family in my home?

Bill and I have so many plans and I really do look forward to a time when it is just he and I, but for the life of me I can’t imagine doing anything without a pod of kids tagging along. We have talked about taking off in a trailer, van or small motor home and heading out west and to Baja, but I want my kids with us.  I want them to experience all of the things we planned when we bought the Little House, but Bill got sick and we had to shelve that idea.

We were recently discussing a surf trip for just he and I, but all I could think of was how weird it would be to not share the adventures with our children. I know I will get over that, and once we are there I’ll enjoy the hell out of surfing with Bill and having him all to myself, but!!! I am so used to traveling with kids in tow, I can only imagine it being sort of empty without them.  Bill promises it won’t be.  Hmmm. What does he have in mind. 🙂

Which brings me back to this website.  With my new job and trying to balance work and my family time,  I have not been taking the time to write like I used to.  Going back and reading my friends blog this morning reminded me that there is so much I know I will forget, so I need to take the time to write even if it is just once or twice a month.

So, in that spirit I will continue this blog…..admittedly much more sporadically than I used to….. for as long as I have kids at home and possibly after they leave as well, which (SOB!!!!) won’t be very much longer.  Because, look at this!



They are growing faster than their mother can take.

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