Throwing work into the mix of kids, school, surfing, basketball and trying to find time to come up for air for some “me” time really takes a bite out of the time one has in the day to do much of anything.

Work is great.  I am doing my nurse thing but not in a hospital setting. I do chart review and that is about all I can say.  I make my own hours and am paid per chart so while it is quite flexible (I sit here at 10:35 typing this) there are a kazillion charts to go through so I have to make sure I keep on top of things or I won’t get through them all each month.

What is great about it is I have mobile access so can work from home if I choose, and can also take it with me when we travel.

But I miss my old life.  Just being a mom, wife and….home.

Enough about work and onward to the kids.  They are leaving the nest one by one as you have heard ad nauseam.  Son #1 has only 3 semesters left of college. After that, our bank account will have approximately 1.5 years to breathe again until son #3 starts.  My second son is about to graduate (technically he did that last September but is going to walk the stage for pomp and circumstance yada yada) at the end of May.  #2 wants to move up north and work in the tech industry and I know he will be very successful with this.  He is so brilliant and has a love and knowledge for all things electronic. I will be crushed when he leaves, as he is my buddy and the one that shares my love for dreaming and scheming, but will be so proud and happy for him.

I was thinking in my head the other night (the same head into which you do not want to venture too far into… is loaded with things and they are swirling round and round like some kind of neurological tornado that may suck you in) and I realized my last one will be leaving the nest in 6 years people.  That may seem like a long time, but it parenting years (much like dog years) it is but a heartbeat.

Exhibit A….the baby.


I used to rock and nurse that creature.

#3 son is about to get his drivers license and he is taller than Billy.  He is the only one so far that inherited a mysterious “tall” gene from someone in our family tree. When we line up in chronological order it is short, short, short, short, TALL, short.  He was also my smallest at birth weighing 6lbs 13oz.  The others were 8lbs 5oz, 8lbs 6oz and 8lbs 3oz.  He is a giant to us all at around 5’10” (or 11″?) and growing still.  With a giant in the house, the food disappears quickly.  I  have no clue what our grocery bill is because I don’t keep track (am just starting a budget again and we will soon be in shock and awe with the reality of our grocery bill) but he goes through roughly 3 gallons of milk each week I believe.


Anyhow, in spite of the growing children and the idea that we should be downsizing, I am hell bent on buying a van to start transporting all the surf crap and sand that we lug backhand forth to the beach almost daily. And I am talking about a big ass van.  No, it is not cool, but you just watch what I will be able to do with that sucker.  I will be able to stack surfboards, wetsuits, luggage, the 10lbs of sand we track in and the oodles of groms that pile into our car now.  We will also be able to load up the fam plus dogs and hit the road for some road trips of epic proportion.  Think cargo van and you will get the idea.  Bonus will be the ability to tow something and just maybe one day…..

Today, I will leave you with dog at the beach pictures with a bonus of the “baby” being in them.



Ten un excelente fin de semana!


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