Caverns and aliens

We got up the next morning and hit the caverns again. Mia didn’t remember it from last time, 7 years or so ago and the boys were good to go again.

Last time I had a 4, 7, 10 and 13yo.  We all stuck together because I am 100% sure one would have ended up falling into one of the bottomless holes scattered throughout.  This time they all took off and I lost sight of them before I even made it into the cave.

Where did they go?

I didn’t catch up with them until about 30 minutes into the cavern.



Walking out of the cool caverns we were hit by temps of around 103.  Ouch.

Mia was set on seeing the alien town of Roswell.  I guess her memory of our big trip years ago had the highlight being the alien museum.  The boys vetoed the museum so we just wandered around in the sweltering heat and dust .  Peanut butter, jelly and crackers on a bench in 103 degree heat surrounded by alien statues.  Seriously hilarious.

From there we started the climb to Colorado.  Right before we left Bill and I traded in the Mazda for a truck.  I have always wanted a Toyota Tacoma, and with the kids flying out of the nest we honestly didnt need the big SUV anymore.  I am sooooo glad we did this. The truck has handled all the terain and altitude climbs like a champ.

We had our sights on BLM camping in Chama, but our timing was just terrible.  We got there at dusk and had to make a choice…$100 buck for a room or plug ahead to Pagosa and camp.  We went with option 2, and will have to wait for next time to explore Chama.

We ended up at a commercial camp ground after dark and set up camp for the night. A fire, Ramen for dinner, soft grass to camp on and a river nearby was the perfect start to our camping adventures.

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2 Responses to Caverns and aliens

  1. Leeann says:

    Enjoying reading about your adventures!

    I second the comment about considering anti-anxiety meds for Skye, no matter if you use an in-house sitter or not. We have two dogs, one a rescue we’ve only had two months and one a rescue we’ve had for six years. They make it about three days of me being gone before they fall apart and get destructive.. and this is WITH the other family members being here and only me being gone!

    Our vet prescribed something to help with it.

    • Jody says:

      I will for sure look into that for next time! She did great with Bill home but would have lost her mind with anyone else. LOL

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