Pagosa Springs

My first night camping in almost 25 years was filled with going from freezing cold to sweltering hot inside one of the sleeping bags that Bill and I used on our Honeymoon.

They are the mummy type bags and when we used them back then we would zip them together.

Awwww.  So sweet.

Well, alone,  and as an individual bag there is not much room.  I have this giant, down body pillow that I CANNOT sleep without and yes, I had to bring it, and, yes, it made a tight space even tighter.

I can’t imagine why sleeping on the hard ground in a tapered sleeping bag with a huge pillow would be uncomfortable, but there you go.

I was up at 6 and the kids were fast asleep.  Kids are so resilient.  Give them a sleeping bag and they could sleep like babies on a pile of rocks. Never ceases to amaze me.

We broke camp around 7, got coffee and pastries and made our way up the Piedra River to make camp on some Forestry land.  We found a sweet spot at Bridges Campground and pitched our tent.

We hiked the Piedra river trail again and it was beyond gorgeous.

2009.  We missed Billy and Cory so much on this trip.


When we did it in 2009 the kids were so tiny.


Now they are so grown up.


Déjà vu.


I can still see her tiny body walking down that trail.







I let the kids climb pretty much everywhere on this trip.  One of the perks of traveling with big kids is the worry factor is much less.  Except near sheer cliffs, which I will discuss in another post.



This is blurry, but I love it.  I was trying to make Quinn, the Boy Who Will Not Smile, smile and was laughing myself.


Afterwards we drove into town and hit Kips for some good food and fun.  We loved this place from our last visit in 2009.  They have surfboards and surf pictures on the walls so we felt right at home.  We brought with us a T-Shirt from the Texas State Championships this year and gave it to the owner and she said she was going to hang it on the wall.  Love it!


Elk burger.  Oh yea.


Smothered in chili pepper goodness.


They love having their picture taken.


We ended the evening at our campsite with the sound of running water, a crescent moon and the bright stars above us.




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