Page to Flagstaff and Vegas, baby.

How many times on this trip did I wish for more time?

Way, way too many is the answer.

Somewhere on the boarder of Utah and Arizona.

Lake Powell and the Page area is just not a place to blow through.


The reds, the blues… “caribbean meets the desert”.   Eye candy for sure.

Does that middle child ever smile?


I had hoped to go see Antelope Canyon.  I wanted to book Canyon X and do some photography.  It is kind of a bucket list item.

We broke camp to get there early so we could get a good time, but when we got to the tour area to get tickets, it was absolutely packed.  So, so many people with the same idea.  Honestly, I could not justify the cost of the tour for 4 people just to pack into the canyon with a bunch of strangers like sardines.  It was hot,  and that sounded like a sufferfest.

We drove away and decided to save it for next time.  That was tough because this was one of the things I had reaaaaally wanted to do. Oh well. Stay flexible when spontaneously road tripping, because that is one of the downfalls of not having a plan or reservations.

No worries, we carried on to Flagstaff and found a really nice campsite in the mountains. After pitching our tent, we hit the local Starbucks in town and I got some work done.  I tried to do this regularly on the trip, but it was pretty impossible to get much completed.  I need a good 2 hours of computer time to get 1/2 of what I normally do in a day, so I had kind of given up.  The kids really wanted some online time, and the Evil Empire was not crowded so we gave it a go.  I got a good solid 2 hours of work done, the kids got their texting/Pokemon Go fix, and what appeared to be a pervert spent the entire time watching us and making me uneasy.  The dude even followed me outside when I tried to get a quieter spot to make my work calls.  He had his phone on and it sounded like he was watching porn.  Awesome bad.

I gathered the kids and we got in the truck, and what do you know, he got in his car too to follow us.  Needless to say, I wound about town going up and down side streets to make sure the SOB wasn’t following us before we headed back to camp.  For this one reason, we were absolutely not fond of the actual city of Flagstaff.  At all.

We did enjoy our spot in the woods.


That evening we actually had cell reception to follow some basketball games that were going on in Las Vegas.  We were keeping our fingers crossed so that Quinn’s team would win. And win they did.  More on that later.


The camp ground was very quiet, clean and we hiked after breakfast from our site to an area called, I believe, Climbing Rocks.





After our hike. we had to pack up and hit the road again.  As I wrote above, Quinn’s team had won, so we purchased a ticket for him to go to the playoffs in Las Vegas, baby.

By evening, we were staying for free, courtesy of my SIL and BIL, in Paris on the Las Vegas strip.

Its a weird place, baby.



Strippers, people in costumes roaming the street, and overpriced food.  What a weird, weird place.  We even found a Ramen hole-in-the-wall that made me feel like we were right back in Shibuya, Japan. Weird, baby.

Can I say weird too many times?  Not for Vegas.

But that luxury hotel had hot water, showers, very soft beds and we are so grateful for the generosity of our family.  I think about 10 lbs of Utah and Arizona dirt washed down those fancy drains on the 11th floor overlooking Sin City.

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