Quinn got to go to his basketball playoff game, we got most excellent sleep, and after 2 nights in the Weirdest Place in the US, we loaded the truck back up and hit the road for southern California.

We shot straight there and Mia got her first glimpse of the California Pacific ocean.


We were there to visit close family and get in a little surfing as well.

Out of respect for my SIL and her families privacy, I won’t be posting much about our time there.  We had an incredible visit, as we knew it would be.  They are so very fun and generous and I look forward to more trips to see them in the future.

Some highlights of our 2 plus weeks there include, disney, surfing, a pro surf contest, and lots and lots of family time in their lovely home.










Mia met some of her favorite pro surfers.  She got to free surf and visit with Dimity Stoyle and Laura Enever one morning.


And got to meet all of her favorites including Courtney Conologue, Coco Ho and her very favorite of them all, Tatiana Westin-Webb,


She got to surf all of the spots she has heard about from her friends who have been there multiple times, and she did so excellent.  And I have not one picture of her surfing there.  Why?  Because I was surfing with her.


Apparently when  train goes by, this is what you do, then make a wish.


Best smoothies evah.


How Mia feels about California.


So gorgeous.



And then it was time to go.  We stayed forever and I hope that we didn’t wear out our welcome.  My husband has pretty much the best sister and BIL ever.

We I had plans to stop along the way at some ruins in New Mexico just outside of Albuquerque , and to see White Sands, but the kids were hell bent on getting home, so the journey went out the window and it became 100% about the destination.  We stopped to sleep near El Paso, then Cody got us to San Antonio, and switched back to me for the final push to the coast.


And that is how we spent our July and August.  Road trip was deemed a success!

I am looking forward to more trips like this in our future, and we have some irons in the fire to make it happen more regularly.

For now, we are enjoying the heck out of Fall, and I guess I need to post in real time again.  I had every intention of posting daily as we traveled, but you can see how well that went.  I think it lasted until Durango and I fell off the wagon.  Lack of internet was a big factor in this once we hit Mesa Verde and Utah.

Ending the Road Trip 2016 Blawgfest with a gorgeous California sunset.


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  1. leeann says:

    I am really glad you had such an amazing trip. Our big Epic Trip was last summer (not the one that just ended but the one before) and the boys still talk about it frequently. They already treasure the book from the trip, the pictures and the memories, and I know that will continue over time.
    So worth it!

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