January 2017

After Christmas, Mia and I made a quick trip up to my moms house to spend some time with her.

My mom is in her late 80’s now.  I never thought I would turn 52 and still have my mother with me.  For that I am a very lucky woman.

We made Christmas cookies with her at my brothers house and it was so sweet to watch her decorate her gingerbread man.


Mia got some one on one time with Coco Man the pet squirrel.  Coco is a rescue, and is blind and deaf so he can’t be released. My brother and SIL rehab baby squirrels, raise them and release them back into the wild, but Coco will be with them for his lifetime, and he seems to like that just fine.


We came home to cold at the coast.  And fog. It was the month of soup.


And homemade bread.


We also celebrated the 12th night.  Candles, good food and talk about Christ and the Three Wisemen.  It is the only time I will purchase a beef tenderloin.  Ch-ching. Once a year splurge, but dang is it good.


Then Billy went on a trip to Costa Rica with his friend, Ted.  Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure happens once a year and they have a blast.  I got to stay home with these knuckle heads.


And when he was due home, I did this……


But he didn’t make it home. His flight from Houston got cancelled so I didn’t get to see him until the next morning.  But I sent him the pic. Somehow after 9 days away, that wasn’t the same. Imagine that. (yes he got the candle works the next night)

We also got some surf.  This is Mia’s friend Maddie.  She rips.  Dolphin photobombs are the best.


Mama Mia.







And our friend Scott Ellwood at Gscottimaging grabbed this sequence.  In case the title of this blog fools anyone, she is not a baby anymore.  But I do still sing to her here and there the Mama Mia, Papa Pia baby’s got the….well you know the rest.  Stop-ah, Moooom!!! I am sooooo annoying.






And he got this one too.


January was also basketball month for us.  Quinn is on the JV team and it has been a blast to watch these young men play.  They have been playing BB together since 6th grade, so they are a solid team.


Go Quinney!!


We are now in February and the flu hit our house, dammit.  I am going on week 4 with remnants of it.  Yes way.  My gut is very messed up from a week of antibiotics. I am up and about, have surfed a bit, but still just dragging.  Take your vitamins, babies.

This is surf tired, dog edition.


Have a great Valentines Day!!

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