Sun up, sundown, life in a beach town

I am pretty sure that even doing a triathlon didn’t make me feel as badass as hooking up the trailer, towing it and setting it up by myself.

We have an Equil-i-zer sway control hitch, (do not tow without one) and those bars are a bitch to get off.  They are getting easier the more I use the trailer, but unhitching the Little Bitty House can make my eyes pop out.  Hitching isn’t as bad, as you have a leverage bar that pops the bars onto the hitch, but dayum, you need some guns. I refuse to let Billy help me.  At all.  I really want to be able to do it all from start to finish without help so I can tow confidently by myself, get things set up early so all will be ready when he gets off work and honestly, I think it is prudent to know your trailer inside and out in case something happens to your spouse while traveling.  I am not a damsel in distress type of wife, so I have read the owners manual top to bottom and am devouring RV forums for knowledge.  Am small, powerful, menopausal woman…hear me roar.

I got to the beach at sunset of Friday, and set up in the failing light.  Note to self: get there earlier.  Setting up was no problemo, but the creepiness factor of being on the beach after dark alone was no bueno.  There were some campers scattered down the isolated beach but they were far off.  It was beautiful and quiet save for the waves, but I got setup quickly, took off to have dinner with a friend, then was back at the LBH by 10.


This was my first time to boondock, so I was curious to see how it would go.  I don’t have a generator yet, but I do have LED lights, a fridge that runs on propane (with just a bit of electricity), stove is propane,  the TV runs on 12v (not that it will get used much) and 12V outlets for charging LED lantern and phone.  I have rapid chargers for charging as well, and that is what I used as needed.  I don’t use the AC and did not need the heater this time, although it runs on propane with just a bit of electricity for the fan.  Every morning I would plug into my truck and top off the battery for a bit.  There are mixed opinions on RV forums of whether you should do this or not, but it worked perfect for a long weekend.  I for sure want a generator in the future for longer trips, but this was fine for now.

I set us up right on the beach.  By God this was so wonderful.  I got up early on Friday, put coffee on, opened the windows and door, and watched the sky go from black, to light grey to blue with streaks of pink.  Goosebumps because I was living a dream I have had in my head for over 12 years now.


I had coffee, went for a run, ate some breakfast and then just chilled reading books all day. I took long walks, and combed the beach for sharks teeth while Bill was at work and the kids at school. Who the hell do I think that I am??


I left to meet up with Bill at Quinns basketball game and he handed over the girl child to me to bring back to the island.  He would join me in the morning.  The man is a saint.  He went home to pick up Quinn after the game and take care of the dogs so I could head back to the trailer.

I had great company for Friday night with Mia and her friend Maddie joining me.  At around 3 am something woke me up and I could not figure out what it was.  I realized I had left the window shade open and the moon had come out from behind the clouds to illuminate everything.  I tried to wake the girls to see, but had no takers.  This image does not do it justice.  The moon was 3/4 and so bright it lit up a wide trail of light across the Gulf.  I lay down in my bed watching it for an hour.


We had a quiet morning at the trailer watching another sunrise while the girls played Mancala.



More book reading.


A banana pineapple freeze from Da Island Market


And then Billy arrived to entertain us with his Bien Hencho brah boy puppet.  Yo!


The man is pure nuts, but I love that idiot.

The sun was out in full force and we got in some surfing. This is my spring suit that child is wearing.  How the hell did that happen?





We have a great group of friends on the island and they all have kids that surf.  My friend Marie made some gourmet pizzas to bring to the trailer that evening after the kids were surfed out, and we had a bonfire that night.  S’mores, sausage to roast and a warm fire with friends.


I think 90% of the sausages ended up in the fire.  The coyotes would have a feast that night.


Sunday was another pink sunrise,


more surf


and some migas for breakfast in town.

Bill took off for home late afternoon and the girls spent the night at Maddies house, so I had the trailer to myself again.


Thoughts on this. It is very sandy at the beach.  By Sunday evening there were buckets of sand in every crack and crevice.  It was gritty.  So I cleaned.  I de-sanded the LBH.  I love to have some alone time here and there.  I think it is good for the soul to have peace to clean, read, reflect, listen to music or whatever floats your boat.  I did this and enjoyed it, but you know what?  I think I prefer the trailer full of life and sand. Embrace the sand, people!  Children grow up and sand will no longer coat everything they come in contact with because they will have moved out and gone to college!! leaving you with your jaw open saying “WTF just happened here?  I just changed your diaper LAST WEEK for the love of God!!”  I have to remind myself of this and give sand a chance.

In the wee hours of the morning, a storm hit.  It looked like this


and it was very impressive from inside of a 16ft of travel trailer on the open beach. Rain, rain and more rain.  But the LBH held steady and hardly even rocked.  I opened all  the window shades and watched from the snug warmth of my bed under a feather comforter.  Bill called to see if all was okay and I told him I was safe and warm and he said “You are Glamping” Oh, hell no.  I am not and will never be a Glamper.  I flush the toilet with a Gatorade squirt bottle and forgot to brush my teeth for 2 days.  Nothing glamperous about that people.

It for sure is a step up from the people next to me who were in tents with a generator running AC inside them.  When the front hit all hell broke loose at that campsite.

Here is a tent after a night of heavy wind.  The only thing holding it down were the drunk people inside of it.


I was glad for the sunrise so I could see that the beach was not flooding, and the sunrise behind the clouds was lovely.



The kids were wanting to do dawn patrol, but I was not keen on that until most of the storm blew out. They finally got in the water for some surf.  Current and lots of of duck diving.  Mia was tired when she paddled in.


And with more storms looking to come through, and high tide coinciding with them, I opted to pack it up early and head home.  And what happened?  The surf got good and the sun came out.  Oh well.

I was glad to get home.  Billy had torqued the hell out of his knee surfing on Sunday (won’t be surfing for a long time with this injury), and could hardly walk, so he was not able to go in to work and I felt the need to get home to help him.  He was fine for me to stay another day, but honestly it was so good to be back home with he and Quinn.

I spent most of Monday evening and Tuesday morning getting the trailer back together again.  Cleaned it up inside and out, then sadly put it back in its little storage spot until next time.

Before the next trip,  I have a list of things to get and mods to do to make life in it easier.  Top of my list is a generator.  I didn’t think I would need one with such a small space, but for longer trips there is no way I would do it without one.  The truck did a great job of keeping it charged but that is neither economical or wise to keep doing regularly.

This right here is one of my happy places.


Hasta pronto!

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