Never forget the rum

Many years ago, we used to take off in a 34 foot trailer with the 4 kids and find our alone time.

Part of that alone time included movies on the flat screen TV in the trailer, after a full day of sun, sand and salt water.

My kids basically grew up watching the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, in an Americamp 5th wheel ta boot.  Every time a new one came out on VCR or DVD, we would grab it and watch it in the trailer….over and over again. When we moved here, we made a family outing of going to see the newest release at the movie theater.

Last Spring, the much anticipated Dead Men Tell No Tales was due in theaters and I sent a text to my college boys saying basically “Come home. Dinner and a movie Pirates of the Caribbean weekend time!”

And you know what?  My 22yo and 19yo drove home from college to go to a Disney movie with their family.

This, my friends, is the definition of us.

My kids rock.

Family first babies.

And never forget the rum.  Arrrr.

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