Clubfoot and Miscarriage info

This child had clubfoot at birth.


When he was born we were so scared. His foot was severe, a 17 on a 0-20 scale. We wondered if he would ever walk normally.

He did.


We used the Dimeglio method of clubfoot correction and he did not require surgery until he was 6 years old.


He runs, jumps and is a star football, basketball and baseball player. He runs like the wind.


If you are coming to my site because your child was born with clubfoot or an ultrasound has shown that your baby has it….if you are overwhelmed and don’t know what to do, take a deep breath and listen to me. YOUR CHILD WILL WALK ONE DAY. Your child will run, jump, laugh, smile and be happy. Clubfoot will not matter to your baby. They are the same baby you dreamed of while pregnant, stroking your swollen belly. Nothing has changed. You just have to find a doctor who is trained in non-surgical clubfoot treatment and get to work as soon as your baby is born. Doctors who treat clubfoot have a saying….they like the babies to be born breach so they can get to the clubfoot faster. Below are a few links to get you started. Please feel free to email me if you have ANY questions or concerns. Its all going to be okay. And if your doctor even mentions terminating a pregnancy due to finding clubfoot on ultrasound, fire them right on the spot and find another doctor. Clubfoot will not change your childs life one little bit. It is as trivial as a broken arm and they WILL BE FINE!!


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If you came here searching for hope after miscarriage, take a look at this beautiful child.


She came to us after 4 miscarriages…..after 4 doctors told us we could not have any more children. They were wrong. She is the light of our life. Please follow the links below, especially the first one. It is cutting edge and the treatments work. Keep the faith, and never lose hope.

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