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Getting her first custom board

We spent the summer researching what kind of board to get for Mia so she could have her own board and surf consistently on it. One issue she was having was that she is so tiny, our boards were just too big for her to carry and making turns on a wave was hard for her because there was so much width for her tiny frame. Not to mention paddling. They were too wide for her to really get her arms into the water to dig in and paddle hard. She was also scared to fall on a wave because she was worried about the big boards hitting her in the face or head.

So in early September, with great anxiety, we pulled the trigger and bought her a board we thought would be the right size for her and the right shape to work well in the waves here in Texas. I say with great anxiety because we took a chance and ordered an older model board that has since been replace by new technology etc. It is a tried and true model that works well in Texas coast waves, big and small. The company talked with me about her size, and they scaled one down to her little frame and got started.

It was a long 2 months for a little girl to wait to get her first board. They had a page on their website, and she had a code that she would type in to follow the shaping process and see how far along her board was. Every day after school she logged in and checked her board.

I got the call on Halloween day from our surf shop that the board had come in. Obviously we were busy that day so I told them we would be there the next afternoon. We didn’t tell Mia as we wanted to surprise her.

The next day I told her we were going surfing after school. We do try and do that once a week or so. I pick up her best surfing buddy and we head over to the beach and hit some waves before sundown, so we told her that this was the plan that day. I also told her that I had to stop by the shop and get wax on the way in.

When we walked in, the shop had set the board up on a rack behind a display so she didn’t see it. The girls ran over and got some wax and when they came back over I said “Hey Mia come take a look at this” and she walked around the rack and got her first view of her new board. She stared at it and said “Oh my goodness, that’s mine isn’t it?!!!!” Haha!! Yes it is!!

Getting a new board is like no other feeling. The whole process is so fun and I had such a great time watching her experience it for the first time.

Fins go on! We got her some Flex Fins so if she gets hit with them they will bend and not cut her.

Then the stickers go on. She is a team rider for our local surf shop!

The girls waxed the board up and we hit the beach. See how she can carry her own board with no problem?

Checking out the waves and getting her leash ready.

And here she is surfing on it for the first time. I was worried that she would have a rough time at first because it is so narrow and small. The smaller a board is, the harder it is to ride. But as you can see, she got right up and had no problemo, even on the super small surf that day! All our worry was for nothing.

Big thanks go out to Channel Island Surfboards for making a beautiful and outstanding board for Mia. She LOVES it and it and is so stoked to surf it!!

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