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Dear Bill, have you gone Tico on us yet?

Water temperature 48.9F, air 41.

Cold is relative until you surf for 1.5 hours in water below 50F and can’t feel your hands, feet or face anymore.

IMG_0774A le

It is also relative when your husband is in Costa Rica, Face Timing you from a hammock after catching overheard barrels for breakfast.

Dear Bill,

The dogs are all sleeping in our bed…on your side. I did not tell them to do that. It was a natural instinct when they sensed the alpha male was gone and left for Costa Rica without his alpha female.  We are all fine here,  just very, very cold.  We are not using the outside hammock because the dogs ate it, so I will be face timing you from bed in my long johns and Christmas socks, covered in down blankets and 2 inches of fleece. 

The surf here has been awesome too….as long as you put on a wetsuit, hoodie, gloves, booties and crank the car heater to 90 degrees and have it blowing on you as you try to take off all your gear without any feeling in your hands.  Mia wanted no part of this, because she claims surfing should be fun.  I have no idea what she could mean by this.

Skye is feeling better after her hysterectomy. I can tell because she is jumping off the back of the couch again and flinging her head like a stallion, wagging her tail fiercely while skootie ootieing with her butt around the tile floors at full speed.  This is helpful because it spreads all the buckets of sand that they bring in, from the now grassless backyard, to the edges of the rooms and I only have to sweep 32,000 times vs 32,001.  The Christmas socks help me to ignore this.

It was awesome to hear about your head high barrel.  Glad you are getting epic surf and are SO WARM while surfing it.  That makes me feel warm here, too.  Right?  Did you get the picture of me in the car after taking off my wetsuit?  The white balance was not off…..my entire face was indeed blue.   

But seriously…

I miss you so much and as much as I want you home, I want time to stand still for you there so you can rest, surf and soak up some of that Tico vibe. I am beyond stoked for you to be there.  You work so hard here and deserve some Pura Vida.  Bring it home with you to get us through the rest of winter.  Okay?

Love you!

Your freezing cold wife. 



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North meets South

This is what happens when a fierce Gulf of Mexico meets up with a Norther.




Right before the front the waves were chest high to overhead + and gnarly. All that water moving to the beach and then the Norther hit. Man, it was epic. Girls were surfing and I turned around to see that dark line moving toward us from the north. Mia had already paddled in, and I hoped her friend would see it and paddle to shore as well, which thankfully she did. It hit us as we were walking out of the water. Literally. So grateful, as the chaos that erupted was unreal. Waves got huge. We watched some monsters roll in from the Gulf. Someone got hit in the head with a SUP board and cut his head open. A SUP BOARD! Winds like that can pick up the heaviest of boards and fling them like matchsticks.

This morning I sat on Mia’s bed and we talked quietly as sleepy eyes adjusted to the morning. We talked about how mighty the ocean is, and how awesome our God is for making the fierce wind and waves. I am so thankful for little moments like these.

And for the big ones living here allows us to experience.

She got to see a clash of the Giants.

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