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Dawn patrol and surfing with the pro’s

What is dawn patrol? It is basically getting out of a warm bed before the sun rises, and heading to the beach to get some early waves.

For us it meant a 5 a.m. wake up and being on the way by 6.

Not everyone is a morning person.

We had to leave early, as Mia wanted a slot in the Hurley Rip My Shred Stick contest. She needed to be in line so she could be sure to get one of the limited spots.

It was so worth the early morning. Hurley did a fantastic job with the event. No charge, no booth selling anything. It was purely for the kids and those guys made a great day for everyone. The day was full of energy and fun. Mia was excited at the prospect that Rob Machado would be there. She wanted to surf with him, and he did not disappoint. He was there bright and early with his team mates and Mia spotted him right off the bat and asked for a picture.

Time for her heat!

A shot with her bros who came to cheer her on.

And then she was off to see if she could get Rob to help her in the water. She paddled over and he grabbed her board and walked her out.

She asked him if he could take her out with the big kids, so he did. He told her to be sure and bend her knees etc etc.

Here she is getting pushed into a wave by ROB MACHADO!!! You have no idea how epic this was to watch.

He pushed her into many waves and spent almost the whole heat with her. I was watching from the beach and thinking “Unreal. Rob Machado is pushing my girl into waves in the Gulf of Mexico. Once in a lifetime happening right now and I get to watch”.

I love how he is watching her in these pics. He applauded for her and cheered her on.

He took her out again and again and she had a blast with him.

She has always been a bit afraid to be out over her head in the water, but not this day. She asked him to take her way out and she did great.

They had tons of games and fun on the beach. ┬áThe kids played “corn dog” where they got themselves wet, then rolled around in the sand covering themselves head to toe in it!

They gave away lots of stuff to the kids….each one getting a bag filled with Hurley goodies.

What a great bunch of people they are. Rob Machado signed the kids Hurley hats (they got those in the bags), and was just so gracious and kind to everyone. He has a calm and gentle spirit that was inspirational. All the pros (Rob, Pat O’Connell, Noah Snyder) went out in the water with the kids and stayed out for over 4 hours, pushing them into waves and surfing with them. I can wrap it up simply by saying “Hurley ROCKS“!! The Coastal Bend thanks you guys for putting on such a great event for our kids!

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