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The dogs, the couch and how I spent my Thanksgiving

The kids and I went to see my inlaws at the ranch the first part of Thanksgiving week. Bill had to hang at home with the canine crew and work. Boo yah! What follows is a series of texts between us on the second day.

IMG_0117 IMG_0118 IMG_0119

Yes way.  My Big Red Couch suffered via Frankenpoopy, AKA Kona the Poopy Puppy. Mind you, they have never chewed furniture ever before.  Nor pooped all over the house.  They missed me and I got an epic dog greeting when I got home.

I can just see Skye hanging on her pillow with her ears laid back in a snotty “I wouldn’t do that if I were you” sneer, watching Kona eat leather.  One day I will snap a pic of this special look to share. We call her a butt when she makes this face.

And here is Thanksgiving day.  Morty came home to visit with his boy and it brought the dog count up to 4.  I stayed home to dog sit while my crew drove to Galveston for the day to see all the family.  Yes, I was alone with dogs on Thanksgiving day. (insert sad violin solo here)

No turkey for you, Jody.




My family had a great time, took zero pictures and brought me home turkey, dressing, potatoes, rolls and…..fruit. No pie. No gravy.  WHO DOESN”T HAVE PIE ON THANKSGIVING?  Bill said “I thought you would like fruit more.”  Yes. With pumpkin pie and whipped cream on the side.  And maybe some cheesecake to put the fruit on.  And heap some of Nana’s carrot cake with cream cheese frosting next to it all. And then pour giblet gravy all over it because, also, WHO DOESN”T HAVE GRAVY ON THANKSGIVING?  Me, that is who.

It was the pathetic, pieless , gravyless Thanksgiving of 2014.  Bill said “At least no one ate poop or the couch for you”.


They do love me best.

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