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Oh my gosh, it has been so cold here at the coast. Sustained temps in the 40-50 range and just plain Jane gray everywhere.

Last week, thanks be to God, the sun came out.

Before all you northerners roll your eyes and give a collective “gimmeabreak”, thou must put into perspective our location and agenda. We live at the beach.  We surf…..in water. Water that gets freaking cold when the air is 40 degrees.  We moved here to be warm. It wasn’t warm. And we whined. A lot.

Coldness is not tolerated much at all by surfers. We enjoy a change in the weather for all of 31.6 seconds and then we are DONE. Barbies!!

So, when the sun finally came out and temps warmed into the 70’s…and even the 80’s (hooyah!), all the wimps at the coast were putting on bikinis and basking in the glorious warmth and Vitamin D enriched rays from the Golden Orb of Greatness.

I took Skye out for some trail running into an area that I have wanted to venture deeper into but was a bit afraid to do alone.  Even though she is very skittish around other people, she is a hulking mass of intimidation to others so I felt pretty safe with her. When she looks at you like this and you don’t know her, you will not be putting your hand out to pet her.


The funny thing about her is, she can sense “bad” in people.  In other words, she knows when someone is a threat to me and all her skittishness disappears.


Fluffy husky butt alert!




I was very glad I brought her, because about a mile or so in I came around a bend and saw a couple of guys on dirt bikes doing what appeared to be a drug exchange.  Yes, you read that correctly.

When I saw them, I immediately was aware of my “female alone on a remote trail” predicament.

When Skye saw them she stood tall in front of me, pulled those ears up and when they turned to see me she was the first thing their eyes migrated to.  I wanted to say “She will eat you for lunch if you come near me” but instead casually turned and started running back at a normal pace, only picking it up when out of their sight. In my head I was doing a mental calculation of how screwed I was because I was so far from the main path and people.

To make a long story short, when I heard them start their bikes and head my way I called my husband and was on the phone with him when they rode past me. They slowed way down, glared at me and then gassed their bikes and took off.

Thank God for cell phones and my precious sunshine girl.



So, lesson learned.  My husband has asked me not to go back there anymore and I am more than happy to oblige him.  My Skye will now be on all my trail runs, no matter how safe I think they are.

Parting shot…this is what happens when you listen to your 11yo daughters playlist while running trials.  It’s hard not to bust out fierce Bey moves in your Newtons when listening to “Ugly Heart” by G.R.L. 😉  Watch out for those tree roots, Grrrrrrl.



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Trail running

This is what much of my trail running looks like here at the coast. Those vines are covered in thorns….just like on a rose bush.


When I find a new trail, I take some time to pull down the dead vines and form a clear (sort of) path.


No matter how cloudy I always wear some sunglasses and an excellent hat to protect my face and eyes. Never go into brush like this without them, and be sure and put on bug spray.


The paths are simple, single track deer trails.


And they wind all through the forest.  I took the one to the right…the path less traveled.


Amazing, eerie post oaks.


With the cooler weather I am comfortable running them, but come spring when the mosquitos and snakes come out, I may have to keep to the more well trodden trails in town.  Not to mention I would need to wear long sleeves and pants in 100F weather to keep from getting covered in poison oak.


I was telling Bill about the new section I found (above) and he said “When it warms up you better rethink that area….corals and moccasins will be swarming it”.  Our county has a tremendous presence for coral snakes…..even on the paved paths.  Remember this guy that slithered under my shoe and over the back of my heel?  Don’t try this at home folks….



Jody's Lumia_20140506_09_21_20_Pro


In the meantime, while the cold fronts are still marching through, I will continue running after the deer.

Parting shot:  Text picture sent to Bill after my run while I was baking bread.  I got back silence.  LOL!


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Winter motivation

Holidays are over people.  Time to get moving.  If you are like me, a month of great food, cold weather and the flu has had us inside and the stir crazy has set in.

I am ready for some waves this weekend.   Yes, the water temp is 56F and the air is 36F.  We have surfed in worse for sure.  Last year one of the contests had water temps of 49 degrees with air temps about the same.  With fog.  Ouch.  In this picture, she was so cold she could hardly move.


Excuses aside, it is time to lace up our shoes, dust off our bikes and grab our boards.

Jody's Lumia_20140618_10_41_22_Pro

I have been going through pictures of when I was racing to get myself motivated for competition season 2015.




This one makes me cringe because I am about 7 lbs heavier now and my luv handles are giving me grief.  Seriously.  The surgery I had last spring has really done a number on my abs and I have middle age gut.  Ugh.   I need to get out of my post flu fog, off my hind end and clock some serious miles to get anywhere near this point again.  I am not sure it is even possible at this stage of life but I will give it a try.


For this, I think a giveaway is in order.   I haven’t done one in ages and want to share the love and one of my favorite pieces of running, cycling, surfing, heck anything gear…my Headsweats hat.  Everyone is always asking where I got my hat (because good gravy I have one on every day….my uniform). These things are part of my every day wardrobe.  I wake up, throw on a hat and start my day.  To me, hands down, there is no other hat that comes close to the quality of these and you know I have put them to the test.  They stay put in heavy wind at the beach, keep the sun off my face and cool my head down on the hottest and longest of runs.

You want one of these?  Okay, I am giving one away randomly via comments.  You pick the color.  Post a comment about what motivates you after the holidays to get moving and active again for the New Year.  Tell me your pain.  But, you know my motto….no whining.

And remember….

The only easy day was yesterday.

**and this is NOT a sponsored post. Just some bloggin’ love.**

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This is me

This is me

A rare picture of me.  I had just returned from a run, and am looking pretty sweaty and shabby.  I have 8 more pounds to go to finish my weight loss, but I am feeling like my old self again.  Running every day, and am training for a 1/2 marathon this October.  This is me.  I can’t  just go out and get some exercise.  It has to be a suffer-fest.  I just have to be out there, going with the moment.  Everything I do is pushed to extreme.  Running when it is 97 degrees.  i am insane.  My runs are not exercise, they are about survival.  Survival of my body and mind.  To push myself to the edge.  I need that.  I can’t explain it, but I just do.

This isn’t just about finishing a race.  It is about the journey getting there.  The whole journey.  The one in which I found myself again…….and it feels so good.  

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