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Trail running

This is what much of my trail running looks like here at the coast. Those vines are covered in thorns….just like on a rose bush.


When I find a new trail, I take some time to pull down the dead vines and form a clear (sort of) path.


No matter how cloudy I always wear some sunglasses and an excellent hat to protect my face and eyes. Never go into brush like this without them, and be sure and put on bug spray.


The paths are simple, single track deer trails.


And they wind all through the forest.  I took the one to the right…the path less traveled.


Amazing, eerie post oaks.


With the cooler weather I am comfortable running them, but come spring when the mosquitos and snakes come out, I may have to keep to the more well trodden trails in town.  Not to mention I would need to wear long sleeves and pants in 100F weather to keep from getting covered in poison oak.


I was telling Bill about the new section I found (above) and he said “When it warms up you better rethink that area….corals and moccasins will be swarming it”.  Our county has a tremendous presence for coral snakes…..even on the paved paths.  Remember this guy that slithered under my shoe and over the back of my heel?  Don’t try this at home folks….



Jody's Lumia_20140506_09_21_20_Pro


In the meantime, while the cold fronts are still marching through, I will continue running after the deer.

Parting shot:  Text picture sent to Bill after my run while I was baking bread.  I got back silence.  LOL!


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